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Great Stand

This stand was excellent. It is strong and dependable. Perfect for my backdrop.


I bought this to use in a family magic show 2 years ago. It was beautiful and really enhanced my show. Everyone there loved it.

Kate Autumn Pumpkin Store Blue Backdrop Designed by Emetselch

Clips Clamps Holder

They are great and very useful. It helps a lot to have the background organized and wrinkle-free.

The backdrop paid for itself

I ordered this backdrop for one specific customer, but after I received it and set it up in my studio to test it out, it triggered some great photo ideas that have yielded 6 other sessions so far. Now I'm ready to buy another color!

Kate Halloween Pumpkin Street Backdrop+Brown Stone Floor Backdrop

Fantastic detail, photographs well. Lots of possibilities to get creative.


Used this portable backdrop at a vendor event. It was easy to open and set up. I was able to just lean it against a wall and use it. It looked great in the photos. Getting it to go back into a circle shape and get back into the bag was a different story.... But not enough to discourage purchasing it.


The backdrop is gorgeous. It was on my Christmas wish list and was given to me as a gift. I love it.


These floors are so realistic, and the material is so durable and does not move about like a cloth flooring. Much needed and appreciated.

Wish it would have had snow

This back of red truck is very pretty! I just wish it had snow on at least the trees. I'm very excited to use it this holiday season as it'll be my 1st time with this type, for Christmas shoots. It's definitely better than the Fall back of truck that I'm about to use! For this one, it's beautiful & maybe I can add some snow overlay or something.

Thank you so much for your review, and for sharing your thoughts on our red truck backdrop!
We are glad to let you know that we can customize backdrops to your preference. Next time you want to add a snowy touch or any customization, just reach out to us at support@katebackdrop.com. We're here to make your future backdrops perfect :)

Good clip!

The clips are a little bigger than I expected but they feel very sturdy and clamp nicely. The rubber side does slide off (for better or worse is up to you). They work well with my stand and sold the backdrops tight, i have to remove the clip to slide the backdrop if I want to move it. Definitely better than the plastic ones that come with the stand kits.


The color is good but the printing on the material is so so. We see like a weird pattern in the fabric, have to edit it in photoshop... (the picture here is not edited yet so you can see).
Otherwise I like it, it's okay for the price I guess.


This backdrop was perfect for my back to school minis

Easy but still a little work

This backdropstand is easy to set op but it still is a little work to put together. It all comes in a handy bag.

Love This Backdrop!

Red Car Backdrop/Stadium Lights Backdrop

I haven't used the Christmas one yet, but it looks spectacular!
I wanted to add how much I LOVE the Stadium Lights backdrop!! I used it yesterday and it works great!!! The quality of these backdrops is awesome!!!


very beautiful, was delivered fast

Christmas green fireplace drop

The drop is gorgeous and I'm excited to use it for holiday events. Shipping took a LONG time, otherwise no issues.

Clients loved it!

My clients absolutely loved this backdrop! The colors were great and it photographed beautifully. I even used some of my own chicks to match the theme!

Kate Summer Mermaid Underwater Birthday Backdrop Designed by Emetselch

Love it!

Got the 8x6.5 and really love the way it looks and photographs. Everyone who's seen it, loves it! Thanks again, Kate!

Large wood panel backdrop/ floor drop

I like the size and weight of the fabric. It does move around in the floor if used as a floor drip so taping will be a must. Overall I am pleased